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Adrienne Moumin: Hand Printed Silver Gelatin Photographs and Unique Photo Collages

I am participating in Central Booking Art Space's Holiday Extravaganza, which runs from Thursday, December 7, through Sunday, December 17. The opening reception on December 7 was a fantastic event, and there will be a closing reception on Sunday, December 17, from 3-6PM. I hope you can make it!

Central Booking Art Space's Holiday Extravaganza brings together artists affiliated with the gallery, for a show and sale of small works for under $500 - perfect for giving as holiday gifts to yourself or someone you care about. I will have on offer, several of my small collages, both photo-based and mixed media.

Central Booking is located at 21 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side of New York, less than one block from the East Broadway stop on the F line.

Full details are here.

Here are three of the collages included in the show; please shop early before they are gone!

Thicket          Window-Rama
Thicket - Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage                        Window-Rama - Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
7-1/2” square x 3/8” deep                                                                                          9-1/4” x 9-3/8” x 1½” deep
                                                                                                                                          This collage was purchased on opening night, and in its place is
                                                                                                                                          Looking Around (shown below)

Tiny Bubbles         Tiny Bubbles
Tiny Bubbles (front and side views) - Mixed media assemblage on gessoed canvas; 5-1/4” diameter x 7/8” deep

A video interview with Ella Hilsenrath, which took place on September 21, 2017 in my New York studio, has recently been posted to Or Does It Explode. We spoke at length about my journey in art and photography, and the challenges of living in two places. The video may be viewed here.

The video may also be viewed on youtube.

The name Or Does It Explode, is derived from Langston Hughes's inspirational poem "A Dream Deferred", which speaks about the importance of personal expression and the danger of suppressing one's aspirations.

I am deeply grateful to Ella for her selfless dedication to helping women artists clarify and actualize our dearest dreams.

One of my photo collages, Looking Around, is reproduced in the current issue of Maintenant: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art

Looking Around

The spirit of Dada continues to thrive in this stunning annual collection of provocative and disruptive Dada-inspired art and writing culled from a plethora of top international contributors, with 50+ color images.

MAINTENANT 11: A JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY DADA WRITING AND ART is the latest edition of an annual collection of contemporary Dada work inspired by Dada instigator and Three Rooms Press spiritual advisor Arthur Cravan. This year’s theme, “An Eye for a Lie,” offers artists’ responses to the increasing madness of the world, punctuated by creative anti-war art and writing. The journal is a full journey into the most imaginative minds in the world, showcasing work of artists and writers from more thirty countries on six of the seven continents. The journal is archived in museums worldwide.
Maintenant 11 is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Maintenant is also available through Barnes and Noble and Powell's Books, and may be ordered directly from the Three Rooms Press web site, here.

I've recently created a publicly-editable Google Sheet, where people worldwide can list, donate, and receive, unused darkroom equipment. The sheet is located here. While clearing out excess possessions some years back, I listed my first enlarger + a bunch of accessories on Craigslist Free Stuff. I was contacted shortly thereafter, and happily gifted the equipment.

A few days later, I was contacted by someone who was yearning for equipment, but I had nothing left to give her. I have never forgotten that, as I was once young and poor and longing to express myself photographically.

A March 20, 2017 Washington Post story by John Kelly about his late-in-life foray into analog photography, here, mentioned that he had been contacted by several readers who have equipment "collecting dust in the basement," which they'd like to give away. I've read too many sad tales on listserves and facebook groups, and have myself been witness, to enlarging equipment being thrown out as trash.

Nothing would make me happier than to see this never happen again - short of a worldwide renaissance of analog photography!