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Adrienne Moumin: Hand Printed Silver Gelatin Photographs and Unique Photo Collages


I am pleased to announce that I am represented by Robert Anderson Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Several of my Architextures photo collages have been included in the gallery's exhibit space continually over the past year.

Robert Anderson Gallery is located at 3321 East Colfax, Denver, CO (just east of the Bluebird Theatre). The gallery is open Wednesdays through Saturdays 12-6PM, and by appointment. robertandersongallery.com


I am happy to announce the recent purchase of my 2014 photo collage, Broken Windows Theory, for the collection of the Inova Schar Cancer Institute in Fairfax, Virginia. I am grateful to Gallery OonH in Washington, DC for facilitating this acquisition.

Handmade 3-D Silver Gelatin Photo Collage: Broken Windows Theory title=
Broken Windows Theory
28-1/4” x 26-3/4” x 1-1/4” deep
Hand-Cut-and-Assembled 3-D Gelatin Silver Photo Collage
(Made of more than 150 individual pieces)

Earlier this year, I went backwards in time to revisit techniques from childhood. I spent many of my early years making collages using hand-cut magazine and catalog pictures. This very personal work, about shedding old baggage and moving into an upward trajectory, required the processes from my childhood to bring it to life:

20” x 15”
Hand-Cut Paper Collage with Swarovski Crystals
(On the feeling of finally breaking free of entrenched obstacles)


I've recently created a publicly-editable Google Sheet, where people worldwide can list, donate, and receive, unused darkroom equipment. The sheet is located here. While clearing out excess possessions some years back, I listed my first enlarger + a bunch of accessories on Craigslist Free Stuff. I was contacted shortly thereafter, and happily gifted the equipment.

A few days later, I was contacted by someone who was yearning for equipment, but I had nothing left to give her. I have never forgotten that, as I was once young and poor and longing to express myself photographically.

A March 20, 2017 Washington Post story by John Kelly about his late-in-life foray into analog photography, here, mentioned that he had been contacted by several readers who have equipment "collecting dust in the basement," which they'd like to give away. I've read too many sad tales on listserves and facebook groups, and have myself been witness, to enlarging equipment being thrown out as trash.

Nothing would make me happier than to see this never happen again - short of a worldwide renaissance of analog photography!